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When I first reached out to Anne, the co-founder of Dog + Bone, I was just scratching the surface on the idea for Dog Depot. There was no concept of adoptable dog models, mock-ups, or any idea on how I would give back to the dog community. Anne responded with grace that the store I was explaining wasn't a good fit for Dog + Bone. They prioritized local businesses and were not interested in selling elsewhere online. I interpreted that as, she really stands beside what her company stands for – supporting the local (rescue and pet store) community, being sustainably conscious, and selling their high quality gear only where it makes sense. 

At that point, I was determined to figure out how to bring this store to life (with their products in it.) She inspired me to think about how Dog Depot could be a local business but also online. I came up with adoptable dog models (as I was fostering two Austin Pet's Alive puppies), looked at ways to give back locally, and thought about how we would market Dog Depot. Eventually I reached back out to Anne with a better plan in place and she agreed to let us place our first wholesale order!

Supports Rescue

Dog + Bone is highly in tune with the rescue community. They donate to 501(c)(3) rescue non-profits, volunteer, and offers their gear at 50% off retail to rescues.

A Small Team Working With Care

Dog + Bone sewing machines are powered completely by Texas wind energy. The product retail tags are printed locally using vegetable-based inks on recycled paper and are attached to the gear with hemp twine.

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